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I'm on Spotify! (Also avail on the lesser music streaming services)

My boss is on Spotify!

I have the pleasure of playing lead guitar for a gentleman named Tommy John Ehman, a terrific roots-country songwriter and singer. But don't take my word for it...

Say You Are

My boss and the uber-talented Amanda Hagel teamed up to record this excellent country duet that Tommy John . Then they made a vid for it.

I got to come along and play guitar.

Everybody Knows...

In late 2011 I put together an all '90s band we called "Whatever." We had a pretty good run for a couple years.

The band was a labour of love, playing the songs from the era when I came of age musically. Pearl Jam, Pixies, Gin Blossoms, Nirvana, etc... we even snuck in some Easy E. Oh and Haddaway!

And, this Leonard Cohen song - the song I consider to be thee best set of lyrics written in human history. (Yeah this song originally came out in the '80s, but Concrete Blonde covered it on the soundtrack for '90s movie Pump Up the Volume, so we got away with it on a technicality... Whatever.)

Thee most fun band I've ever been a part of - BILF!

Messin' with a Bangles classic at a festival in Preeceville, SK a few years ago. \m/